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Season 1
Chapter Release Date
Prologue Prologue March 31, 2019 On March 2nd, the day of her first day of middle school, Ham Dan-i has woken up in a strange world where her uniform looks like its from a comic book and a beautiful girl is at her doorstep.
Ch1 001 March 31, 2019 The beautiful girl is Ban Yeo-ryeong but she seems to have taken Dan-i to the wrong school. Assuming she got the wrong uniform, Dan-i quickly leaves but bumps into a princely boy.
Ch2 002 March 31, 2019 It looks like the wrong school is like a web novel parody. Dan-i tries to find her school Dae Dam Middle School but she cannot find it.
Ch3 003 March 31, 2019 Dan-i bumps into two new boys, an angel and a fairy-type, who help her figure out what happened to her school. Dae Dam doesn't exist! So Dan-i follows them back to Ji Jon Middle School and it turns out that she is actually enrolled there. And princely boy, angel boy and fairy boy as well as her beautiful neighbour are all in the same class with her!
Ch4 004 March 31, 2019 A red-haired class president takes Dan-i and her new companions to their class 1-4. But no one other than Dan-i seems to notice their strange hair and eye colours. Dan-i's classmates tell her who each of the boys are and call them the Four Heavenly Kings.
Ch5 005 March 31, 2019 It feels like Dan-i is in the middle of a play with how stereotypical Yeo-ryeong and the other boys act and talk. On the way home, Yeo-ryeong confronts Dan-i and it seems like they are supposed to be friends.
Ch6 006 March 31, 2019 Yeo-ryeong calls Dan-i her best friend and they go home together. Dan-i does some searching on the internet and figures out that she might be in the world of a web novel. Hoping she is dreaming, she goes to sleep. But when she wakes up, her mother confirms her worst fear.
Danimom 007 March 31, 2019 The world has changed into a web novel! Dan-i is supposed to be the supporting character of the protagonist Yeo-ryeong?! She decides not to get involved. But 3 years pass, and her plan has failed. She is now friends with the Four Heavenly Kings and Yeo-ryeong.
Ch8 008 March 31, 2019 Taking place after the time-skip, Dan-i and her friends are taking a graduation trip before high school begins. But 3 years ago, Dan-i tries hard to avoid Yeo-ryeong. She overhears some girls gossiping in the bathroom.
Ch9 009 March 31, 2019 One of the girls, Baek Yeomin, asks Dan-i to be friends and she agrees: it will help her avoid Yeo-ryeong and the kings. By now, everyone has noticed Dan-i openly ignoring and avoiding her. At home, Yeo-ryeong goes over to Dan-i's house to confront her but runs away in tears when she sees Yeomin in her bedroom.
Ch10 010 March 31, 2019 Baek Yeomin badmouths Yeo-ryeong; despite Dan-i's resolve to avoid Yeo-ryeong, she cannot agree with the mean words and rejects the friendship. She goes over to apologize.
Ch11-correct 011 March 31, 2019 Dan-i and Yeo-ryeong make up and become friends. The kings and their classmates notice. Later, Yeomin begins badmouthing Dan-i in class.
Ch11 012 March 31, 2019 Eun-hyung makes Yeomin apologize when Dan-i doesn't fight back. The time skips forward to the graduation trip and the group is at the beach. Although they are all friends, Dan-i still can't forget that she is in a web novel and that her friends are not real.
Eungyeom 013 March 31, 2019 Dan-i and Yeo-ryeong run into some thugs on the beach while the boys are buying food at a convenience store. They try to pick up Yeo-ryeong and make fun of Dan-i. But Eun-hyung quickly shows up.
Ch14 014 March 31, 2019 Eun-hyung makes quick work of the thugs and send them running. The group hangs out on the beach.
Ch15 015 March 31, 2019 Yeo-ryeong sleeps over. She has a nightmare about Dan-i leaving and sleeptalks; Dan-i hears her. There's another timeskip, to four days before high school starts. Chun-young sees that he is trending and asks Dan-i not to go online. He goes over to her house.
Ch16 016 March 31, 2019 Chun-young buys a cake of tiramisu before going over; Dan-i thinks about why he asked her not to go online. Flashback to 3 years ago, summer of first year in middle school, Dan-i is friends with Eun-hyung and Ju-in, but find Ji-ho and Chun-young hard to approach. During lunch break, she is sleeping on her desk when Chun-young comes up to her and checks her forehead for fever.
Ch17 017 March 31, 2019 Chun-young shares his music with Dan-i and they bond over similar taste in music. Later that day, a senior comes into their classroom and asks to talk to Chun-young.
Ch18 018 March 31, 2019 Chun-young is asleep on his desk when the senior comes up so Dan-i tries to wake him. But she gets glared at by the other girl. Perceiving Dan-i as a rival, the girl Hyemi confesses to Chun-young in front of the whole class. She gets rejected. Chun-young asks Dan-i to go to the convenience store with him.
Ch19 019 March 31, 2019 Dan-i and Chun-young are on a bench outside when Chun-young apparently confesses. But he says that he likes Dan-i for not having "expectations" or "special interest" in him and Dan-i interprets that as him being grateful that she doesn't have romantic interest in him. They become friends but Dan-i keeps this in mind. Three years later, Chun-young arrives at Dan-i's house and they eat tiramisu.
Ch20 020 April 3, 2019 Dan-i's father shows up and makes fun of Dan-i for mooching of her friends. When Dan-i gets annoyed at Chun-young not coming to her defense, he asks her if she is trustworthy like she says. Flashback to a month ago (before high school), while Dan-i is talking to her friend Minji on the phone, she says that she is jealous that Minji transferred to a school with no Heavenly Kings. Chun-young overhears her say that she is miserable and wants to transfer. They have an argument and Chun-young cuts off contact until the graduation trip.
Ch21 021 April 10, 2019 In present day, Chun-young leaves after Dan-i refuses to talk to him. Afterwards, Dan-i meets up with Ji-ho. She confides in him that she and Chun-young had another fight, and wonders out loud if he genuinely cares for her as a friend.
Ch22 022 April 16, 2019 Ji-ho calls her an idiot for not believing in their friendship, but Dan-i continues to worry about her oncoming high school experience. When Ji-ho calls out her recurring habit of treating them like strangers, Dan-i asks him to ignore her in high school for the next three years. He reluctantly agrees but asks her to rethink if this is the wisest solution to her problem. Later, on the night of March 1st, Dan-i briefly goes back to the "real world".
Ch23 023 April 24, 2019 She returns to the "web novel world" after approximately 3 hours on the same night. Dan-i calls Eun-hyung, desperate to check if she's back or not. Meanwhile, Chun-young has been over at Eun-hyung's house playing videogames all night. Dan-i is audibly troubled and asks Eun-hyung to tell her any story. Eun-hyung tells her about the night his mother died and asks her why she hates March 2nd. Dan-i tells him about the March 2nd of their final middle school year, when she went back to the "real world" for 6 hours.
Ch24 024 May 1, 2019 At the beginning of the new academic year of 9th grade, Dan-i begins to think that maybe she actually belongs in the "web novel world", since two years have passed and nothing changed. She relaxes and goes to sleep with Yeo-ryeong at home, after school. When she wakes up, she is suddenly wearing a brown uniform instead of her pretty white uniform. She starts calling all her friends, but their numbers are unknown or invalid. Dan-i goes over next-door but Yeo-ryeong no longer exists.
Ch25 025 May 8, 2019 When no one responds to her calls, Dan-i goes to everyone's house to double-check. But they no longer existed, meaning she was no longer in the "web novel world". Giving up, Dan-i curls up outside what is supposed to be Ju-in's house. And that's where Ju-in finds her later, when she returns to the "web novel world" in her sleep. In present day, Dan-i hangs up on Eun-hyung before he can hear her crying.
Ch26 026 May 15, 2019 Chun-young and Eun-hyung try to retrace their memories of that March 2nd and realize that they all had forgotten Dan-i's existence until she reappeared in front of Ju-in's house. Since it's 8.30am, they decide to go over to Dan-i's house together. Although Dan-i tries to downplay her story when they are in person, she is distracted when her parents invite all her friends over for food.
Ch27 027 May 22, 2019 Eun-hyung calls all of the other friends over and they all end up going to Ji-ho's house with their families. In the midst of the meal, Dan-i goes for a walk and Ju-in follows her. They talk about his first impressions of their friends, and Ju-in tells Dan-i that she seemed like she had "fallen out of the sky".
Ch28 028 May 29, 2019 Ju-in asks Dan-i why she sometimes looks terrified and anxious and Dan-i realizes that all her friends have noticed her behaviour and feelings. She asks Ju-in to ignore her at high school and he agrees. Later, Chun-young keeps insisting on staying around Dan-i and says that maybe she won't disappear if she's surrounded by her friends. She ends up telling the whole group what she told Eun-hyung. When they try to figure out if anyone noticed Dan-i was missing on March 2nd, Ju-in says that he tried calling her for 6 hours.
Ch29 029 June 5, 2019 Ju-in was in the middle of texting Dan-i when she disappeared, so he suddenly forgot what he was doing. When he doesn't recognize Dan-i's name on his phone, he is confused because he has eidetic memory and doesn't forget anything. He calls the number but it turns out unknown. When he went out to call the number from a public phone booth, he finds Dan-i outside his house and suddenly remembers her. Everyone is shocked by the realization that they will all forget Dan-i if she disappears from their world. Later Chun-young apologizes for fighting and tells Dan-i that he will treat her like a stranger in school if she wants that.
Ch30 030 June 12, 2019 Touched by Chun-young's willingness to protect her from future hurt, Dan-i changes her mind about ignoring her friends in school. She chooses to stay with her friends despite the danger of losing them one day. However, in an ironic twist, on the first day of high school she finds out that she is in a different class from her friends after being in the same class together for three years.
Ch31 031 June 19, 2019 Dan-i is in Class 1-8, the furthest away from Class 1-1 where Yeo-ryeong and the Four Heavenly Kings are. She is late to class and the only empty seat is beside a blonde boy who introduces himself as Lee Ru-da, a Korean-American new student. Because of his astonishingly pretty looks, Dan-i assumes that he must be a girl in disguise (a popular trope in web novels) and a new female protagonist, and that's why the author sent her to 1-8.
Ch32 032 June 26, 2019 Among Dan-i's new classmates are the beautiful twins Kim Hye-woo and Hye-hil, and archery athlete Shin Seo-hyun. She and Ru-da are named temporary class president and vice president. Meanwhile, Chun-young, Eun-hyung and Ji-ho worry about Dan-i alone in her new class while Ju-in and Yeo-ryeong sink into despair.
Ch33 033 July 3, 2019 Eun-hyung and Yeo-ryeong head to the staff room as their class's appointed president and vice president. They find Ru-da acting very familiar with Dan-i and become angry, but Dan-i thinks that their anger is directed at her.
Ch34 034 July 10, 2019 Ru-da acts stereotypically (like a princely type with a dark back story), the way Yeo-ryeong and the Four Heavenly Kings did in middle school. Dan-i's attempt to not get sucked in fails and Ru-da is instead enamoured by her bluntness. Ru-da keeps trying to hold Dan-i's hand despite her negative reaction and Yeo-ryeong is enraged.
Jungin 035 July 17, 2019 Dan-i is confused by Ru-da's look of infatuation and tries to distract him. Something about his over-friendly behaviour seems suspicious to Dan-i. Seo-hyun and Dan-i talk briefly before his friend Yoon Jung-in appears. Dan-i talks to the twins Hye-hil and Hye-woo. Hye-hil asks her about the Four Heavenly Kings.
Ch36 036 July 24, 2019 It turns out that Shin Seo-hyun, Yoon Jung-in, and the twins Kim Hye-woo and Hye-hil were the Four Heavenly Kings of Seokbong Middle School. Yeo-ryeong calls Dan-i in the middle of class to say they're all coming over to her classroom after school. Dan-i dreads that they will meet Ru-da (the "new female protag") and kickstart the "novel". Later, when school ends, Ru-da jumps out the window in front of Dan-i's eyes.
Ch37 037 July 31, 2019 Ru-da is fine despite jumping out of a second-story window, but he is being chased by men in black suits. Dan-i's friends show up and ask about Ru-da; Dan-i tries not to worry about the "plot" taking them away from her. But her worries are unfounded because they are only concerned that he was acting too familiar with her as a stranger. On the way out, Chun-young notices some thugs bullying two boys and Dan-i recognizes one of them.
Ch38 038 August 7, 2019 Dan-i recognizes Eun-gyeom, the thug they met at the beach (Ch. 13), and hurries out with her friends. Dan-i and Yeo-ryeong's families plan on eating out to commemorate the first day of school, so the girls go to pick up her brother at his school. When they show up, there are girls screaming and fainting over Yeo-dan and Dan-i realizes he is one of the "Heavenly Kings" at his school. They head to the restaurant together. After her meal, on the way to the bathroom, Dan-i runs into Ru-da.
Ch39 039 August 14, 2019 Ru-da's American father shows up soon after, followed by Dan-i's father and Yeo-ryeong. Somehow they all end up at the same table; their fathers are getting along very well. Yeo-dan and their mothers soon leave for home. Afterwards, their fathers split off to go drinking at another place, leaving Dan-i, Yeo-ryeong and Ru-da to go home together. Ru-da acts familiar with Dan-i again and Yeo-ryeong warns him to back off.
Ch40 040 August 21, 2019 The trio is suddenly attacked by men in black suits again and Ru-da runs off with the girls, picking Dan-i up when she can't keep up with the other two. Once they lose the men, Yeo-ryeong questions their appearance out of concern, but before he can explain, Dan-i cuts him off coldly. She tells him that it's not their business and leaves with Yeo-ryeong.
Ch41 041 August 28, 2019 Yeo-ryeong is baffled and worried about Dan-i's uncharacteristic callousness towards Ru-da. But Dan-i is afraid of getting closer to more "main characters", because they might all end up leaving her because of the "plot" of the web novel world. The next day at school, Ru-da asks to talk with her in private before class starts.
Ch42 042 September 4, 2019 Yeo-ryeong is concerned that Dan-i will start distancing herself from them again. Ru-da asks Dan-i why she reacted that way earlier and asks to be her friend in a confession-type scene. Ji-ho walks in on them and moves Ru-da away from Dan-i, scolding him for holding her hand without permission. Ji-ho tells Ru-da that he should give up if he has feelings for Dan-i because she is only interested in men with brown hair and black or brown eyes (i.e. "normal" looking guys).
Ch43 043 September 11, 2019 After returning to class, Ru-da ignores Dan-i because of his realization of his crush on her. During lunch, a classmate Lee Su-yeon pesters Dan-i for the phone numbers of the Heavenly Kings. Ru-da interrupts and draws Dan-i away with an excuse to help her.
Ch44 044 September 18, 2019 Dan-i tries to keep her promise to stay away from Ru-da, but his persistent kindness and interest in her melts her resolve.
Ch45 045 September 25, 2019 Yeo-ryeong picks up Dan-i from her class after school; she is concerned about Dan-i leaving her behind, but can't talk to her about it. A few days later, Hwang Si-woo, a senior, confesses to Yeo-ryeong and gets rejected. He starts getting violent with her.
Ch46 046 October 2, 2019 The boys scare Si-woo off but Ju-in anticipates future problems. The group go to karaoke after school and check out a fortune-teller. But the fortune-teller tells Dan-i that she will get into a car accident. Ji-ho tells her not to worry about it, but Dan-i remembers that according to web novel tropes, whatever a fortune-teller divines comes true.
Ch47 047 October 9, 2019 Test scores come out and Yeo-ryeong gets 100% on the mock exams. Ji-ho takes Dan-i and Yeo-ryeong home in his car because of Dan-i's fortune. He warns Yeo-ryeong that the guy she rejected has been waiting for her at the school front gates with his delinquent gang. He asks Dan-i to be careful and Dan-i is touched by his earnest concern for her.
Ch48 048 October 16, 2019 Dan-i's parents are upset with her average scores when Yeo-ryeong got 100% and Dan-i fights with them because of this constant comparison. She goes over to Yeo-ryeong's house and confides in her, without telling her the cause of the fight.
Ch49 049 October 23, 2019 On Saturday morning, Dan-i's parents go out and call her friends to come over. Ji-ho makes coffee so Dan-i and Eun-hyung go out to buy more coffee beans. On their way, Si-woo and his thugs attack them and Eun-hyung gets busy fighting back. One of the delinquents fight with Dan-i when she tries to report them, and she is thrown into the road in front of an oncoming garbage truck.
Season 2
Chapter Release Date
Ch50 050 December 31, 2019 Dan-i survives by ending up under the truck, but Eun-hyung has a panic attack. Dan-i lies to him about where she fell so that he wouldn't have more trauma.
Ch51 051 When they return to Dan-i's house, everyone is worried and angered. The group plans on a revenge without telling Dan-i.
Ch52 052 Chun-young checks up on Dan-i. She confides in him about her parents and her fighting and Chun-young comforts her.
Ch53 053 January 8, 2020 Dan-i's parents return to apologize, realising their mistake after their own friends berated them for being too hard on her. Yeo-ryeong feels guilty for Dan-i always getting involved in incidents because of her, but Dan-i asks her not to apologize for other people's doings. The others find out that Dan-i lied about the accident.
Ch54 054 January 15, 2020 Dan-i's classmates are concerned over her accident, but she's uncomfortable with all the attention. Dan-i realizes her friends must have heard about the real accident.
Ch55 055 January 22, 2020 Ru-da helps Dan-i hide from her friends. Ju-in's revenge plan for Hwang Si-woo leads him to ask his cousin Woo San, a high-ranking gang leader, for help. In a flashback, it is revealed that Ju-in collects memos of Dan-i to make sure he remembers her existence.
Ch56 056 January 29, 2020 Ru-da and Dan-i enlist the Kim twins' help in hiding. Ru-da tells Dan-i that her reaction to her friends is unusual.
Ch57 057 February 12, 2020 Dan-i confides in Ru-da about her feelings. Dan-i's friends find and corner her.
Ch58 058 February 19, 2020 Ru-da and Chun-young fight over Dan-i and accidentally kiss. They both go to the bathroom and Ru-da realizes he has a chance to manipulate their friendship.
Ch59 059 February 26, 2020 Ru-da tells Chun-young about Dan-i's insecurities and blames her friends, the Four Heavenly Kings and Yeo-ryeong. They begin to fight. Meanwhile, Yeo-ryeong tells Dan-i that its hurtful how she keeps secrets from her friends.
Ch60 060 March 4, 2020 Dan-i is asked if she's keeping any more secrets, but she doesn't answer. The others stop Chun-young and Ru-da's fight. Chun-young's and Ru-da's fight in the bathroom turns physical resulting in Chun-young heading to the infirmary, being beaten up badly.
Ch61 061 March 11, 2020 Ru-da shows up in the infirmary and provokes Chun-young into taking a punch, but pins him down instead. They confront each other over their feelings for Dan-i. Conveniently Dan-i walks into the room and misunderstands the situation.
Ch62 062 March 25, 2020 Since Dan-i thinks Ru-da is a female protag in disguise, she starts thinking Chun-young is the corresponding male lead. Chun-young asks her why only Yeo-ryeong and the Kings disappeared, not anyone else; Dan-i is still keeping it secret that they are "main characters" of the "web novel world".
Ch63 063 April 1, 2020 The revenge plan has been sent into motion; Yeo-ryeong lures Hwang Si-woo to Seonjin High School. Ju-in manipulates and sends the 3rd year gang leader Eun-gyeom there too.
Ch64 064 April 8, 2020 Ju-in's plan manipulates the high-rankering fighters into taking out the guy who pushed Dan-i into the road.
Ch65 065 April 15, 2020 The plan goes off without a hitch and the next few days are peaceful and without incident. The unusual calm unnerves Dan-i. Yoon Jung-in bursts in to announce that the highest ranking (rank 0) fighter had apparently taken out all the delinquents in their high school. Dan-i suspects that it might be Eun-hyung, but decides ignorance is bliss.
Ch66 066 April 22, 2020 Midterms are soon and Dan-i wants to study. But all her friends come over to hang out. They watch an old video recorded on Dan-i's phone when they were in 8th grade.
Ch67 067 May 6, 2020 Everyone gets nostalgic over the memories in the video, but are also surprised by how little things have changed, regarding their bonds with each other. Dan-i suggests that they record more videos like that when they get together.
Ch68 068 May 13, 2020 After midterms end, everybody is psyched for the class retreat and talent show. Dan-i's class has a meeting about what to do for their talent show.
Ch69 069 May 20, 2020 Dan-i, caving to peer pressure, calls Ji-ho to ask about what their class is doing for the talent show. Ji-ho tells her that all of them, including Yeo-ryeong, are going to perform in the talent show. The news riles up Dan-i's class. Ru-da suggests that they put on a play and agrees to star, but on the condition that Dan-i stars with him.
Ch70 070 May 27, 2020 On the day of the retreat, Dan-i is sleepy and falls asleep while standing. Ji-ho notices from far away that Ru-da is propping her up, and Eun-hyung notices the look in his eyes and begins to wonder about Ji-ho and Chun-young's feelings towards Dan-i.
Choiyuri 071 June 3, 2020 Dan-i sucks at delivering the cheesy romantic lines during rehearsal, but Seo-hyun suggests that she deliver the lines with a poker face instead of playing it straight, to make it funnier. Meanwhile, on Class 1's bus, Yeo-ryeong is worrying about being apart from Dan-i, who is her only female friend. She sits with her new friend Choi Yuri, who reminds her of Dan-i.
Ch72 072 June 17, 2020 Yeo-ryeong gets approached by some boys and Ji-ho bails her out by pretending to be her boyfriend. She then gets approached by a girl asking for her number (to befriend her). When she gets on the bus, she receives a malicious text.
Ch73 73 June 24, 2020 Ji-ho calls back the number and warns the caller to back off. It is revealed that Yeo-ryeong didn't share her number with the girl in the last chapter, who is the caller. The group speculates that someone else must have given that girl Yeo-ryeong's number. Ji-ho calls Dan-i for Yeo-ryeong, and Dan-i comforts her.
Ch74 074 July 1, 2020 The students arrive at the training center dorms. In the boys' dorm, they are playing the Truth game and Ji-ho is asked if he has ever been rejected by a girl. He silently admits to it and leaves the room. Later, Chun-young gets a text to meet him on the balcony. Ji-ho tells him that he knows that Chun-young likes Ham Dan-i.
Ch75 075 July 8, 2020 Ji-ho had a crush on Dan-i in eighth grade. When he tried confessing to her, she just went into hard denial mode, so Ji-ho said he was joking to make her comfortable.
Ch76 076 July 15, 2020 Ji-ho's perceptiveness makes him realize that Dan-i doesn't see any of the Heavenly Kings as boyfriend material, for her. Chun-young realizes he does have feelings for Dan-i. The next day, Dan-i is nervous about performing.
Ch77 077 July 29, 2020 Ru-da and Dan-i volunteer to be the rep pair for their class. Eun-hyung and Yeo-ryeong are the reps for their class. They participate in a princess-carry-off but Yeo-ryeong disqualifies themselves.
Ch78 078 August 5, 2020 Class 1 performs in the penultimate place: Yeo-ryeong and the Four Heavenly Kings put on a dance show for Dan-i. Class 8 follows them with their drama Love and War.
Ch79 079 August 12, 2020 Class 8's drama is a success with Dan-i's poker face acting and Ru-da's dramatic cheesiness. However, before they leave the stage, Ru-da kisses Dan-i on the cheek.
Ch80 080 August 19, 2020 Dan-i is hiding out from Ru-da in her room when Yeo-ryeong comes and kidnaps her. Ji-ho asks Dan-i if she responded to Ru-da's confession.
Ch81 081 August 26, 2020 Dan-i laughs off the suggestion that Ru-da might like her. Asking after Chun-young, the others say that he's not feeling well and was on the balcony, so she joins him in concern. Thinking that Chun-young is upset about the kiss (because he supposedly likes Ru-da, the girl in disguise), Dan-i explains that it was a friendly gesture. Chun-young makes a move and asks if Dan-i is not affected by it; but Dan-i thinks he is just playing with her, gets upset and leaves.
Ch82 082 September 9, 2020 Two weeks later, Chun-young is still avoiding Dan-i after the retreat. Her friend Min-ji calls Dan-i to tell her that there's an anti-fan cafe for Yeo-ryeong, created by user ham310. Min-ji suggests that the user is someone close to Yeo-ryeong because of very specific details in their posts. Dan-i calls Ju-in for help, and Ji-ho comes along. He notices that the username has Dan-i's name and birthday digits.
Ch83 083 September 16, 2020 Chun-young calls Dan-i and asks her to come outside as he is waiting in front of her apartment. He says he's forgotten her face and Dan-i takes that literally and becomes anxious. Chun-young, irritated with her obliviousness, tells her that he just missed her.
Ch84 084 September 23, 2020 Ban Yeo-dan interrupts their moment. Later, everyone is in the summer uniform at school. When Dan-i enters her class, a classmate Lee Su-yeon insults Dan-i, depending on a rumour. Dan-i's friends come to her defense.
Ch85 085 September 30, 2020 Lee Su-yeon continues to talk smack, moving on to attacking Dan-i's friends, but is told to be upfront about the rumour. She accuses Dan-i of creating the anti-fan cafe. Again, Dan-i's friends come to her defense and rationalize that it would be idiotic of Dan-i to use her name and birthday for the username of the anti-fan cafe. Su-yeon runs away after everyone takes Dan-i's side.
Ch86 086 October 7, 2020 Yeo-ryeong and the boys find out that Dan-i's classmates attacked her. Ju-in rationalizes that the cafe was purposefully made to target Dan-i and cause distance between all of them. Ju-in calls his cousin Woo Bi, a teenage hacker, for help.
Ch87 087 October 21, 2020 Bi finds the information on the user, but they turn out to be a man born in 1988 who works as a bodyguard in Reed System. Ju-in, due to his memory, suspects Choi Yuri of using her bodyguard's IP to create the cafe.
Ch88 088 October 28, 2020 Ju-in approaches Ru-da for help, as he is the heir to Reed System. However, Ru-da refuses to help, saying that it is in his favour if Dan-i is isolated from her friends. Meanwhile, Dan-i is approached by a ghost from her past.
Ch89 089 November 4, 2020 Ju-in tells Ru-da about Dan-i's disengagement from their world, without telling him the secret truth. He leaves after telling Ru-da that he'll wait for a response. Meanwhile, Dan-i meets with Baek Yeomin. An ominous figure takes a picture of them together.
Season 3
Chapter Release Date
Ch90 090 January 6, 2021 Someone takes a picture of Ham Dan-I with Baek Yeomin and posts it on a bulletin board. Choi Yuri plants seeds of suspicion and confronts Dan-i in public.
Ch91 091 Dan-i finds out about the photo and her friends speculate about the photographer. Dan-i attempts to remain calm but bursts into tears in class. Later, Ban Yeoryeong texts her to meet up after school in an unfamiliar tone.
Ch92 092 January 13, 2021 Earlier in the day, Yeo-ryeong tries to defend Dan-i when she overhears classmates talking badly, but Eun Ji-ho asks her to be patient for Dan-i's sake. After school, she and Dan-i have a heart-to-heart. Lee Ru-da, affected by Dan-i's tears in class, calls Woo Ju-in.
Ch93 093 January 20, 2021 Kwon Eun-hyung calls to check up on Dan-i after hearing about the photograph incident. Dan-i is energized by Yeo-ryeong and Eun-hyung and resolves to face the next day. People are still talking badly of her, but her classmates are on her side. Dan-i suddenly gets a text message from Choi Yuri.
Ch94 094 January 27, 2021 Ru-da is absent from school. Kim Hye-hil takes his seat beside Dan-i to comfort her. Yoon Jung-in gives Dan-i a peptalk, and reminds her of the words she spoke to Yeo-ryeong (Ch. 73). Choi Yuri waits for Ham Dan-i on the school rooftop.
Ch95 095 February 3, 2021 Yuri "apologizes" for "outing" Dan-i as the anti-cafe creator and tells Dan-i she should transfer schools; but Dan-i is supremely unconcerned and tries to leave the rooftop. Enraged by Dan-i's apathy towards her, Yuri tries to push Dan-i off but is stopped by Eun Ji-ho.
Ch96 096 February 10, 2021 Ji-ho reveals that he was on the rooftop too and heard everything. He warns Yuri that if anything bad happens to Dan-i, she'd get hit right back. Woo Ju-in also comes out and gives Yuri her bodyguard's smartphone. A flashback reveals that Lee Ru-da helped Ju-in get the phone, for concrete evidence that proves Dan-i's innocence, and that's why he was absent from school.
Ch97 097 February 24, 2021 Choi Yuri spills her feelings in a panic, revealing that she is obsessed with Eun Ji-ho and both envies Ban Yeo-ryeong and Ham Dan-i their ease and friendship with him. A flashback shwos that Yuri had overheard Eun Ji-ho talking about his crush on Dan-i (Ch. 76) with Yoo Chun-young. Ju-in cuts her self-pity confession off and tells her that she has to reveal the truth to everyone, pointing out a security camera that had recorded the entire confrontation. As Dan-i and Ji-ho walk home, he asks her if she's okay.
PREVIEW 098 March 3, 2021 Dan-i talks about her feelings of anxiety during the past few days. The next morning, everyone received texts from Choi Yuri confessing to the anti-cafe and saying she's transferred. Despite that, no one apologizes to Dan-i for insulting her and accusing her.
PREVIEW 099 March 10, 2021 Yeo-ryeong feels responsible for the recent events, and Eun-hyung comforts her. After the final exam, Dan-i notes she is more open about her relationship with the Heavenly Four Kings and Yeo-ryeong.
PREVIEW 100 March 17, 2021 Ru-da asks Dan-i to have some of her popsicle, but is prevented by and gets into a fight with his love rivals, Chun-young and Ji-ho. Yeo-ryeong steps in to declare Dan-i belonged to her.
PREVIEW 101 March 31, 2021 Embarrassed, Dan-i returns to her class to find Lee Mina choking Yoon Jung-in for scaring her during the courage test. Later, in the gym, Choi Yuri's friends glares at Dan-i with hostility.
PREVIEW 102 April 7, 2021 Choi Yuri's friends target Dan-i during dodgeball, which Lee Mina calls them out for.  When Dan-i tries to calm things down, Choi Yuri's friends accused her of being silent during the anti-fan cafe incident, sparking gossips in Class 1.
PREVIEW 103 April 14, 2021 While Yeo-ryeong defends Dan-i against the gossip, Wu-in scolds Class 1 for being gossipers. Later, Eun-hyung and Yoon Jung-in discusses how to mediate the situation, and Dan-i suggests hosting a courage test.
PREVIEW 104 April 21, 2021 Dan-i notes Eun-hyung's unusual liveliness as he chats with Yoon Jung-in and learns about Wu-in's unusual hostility as well. Later, Dan-i hangs out with her friends at a cafe, who all leaves except Chun-young, who is frustrated with Dan-i's lack of self-compassion.
PREVIEW 105 May 5, 2021 Chun-young declares he would always be at Dan-i's side as Ru-da greets Dan-i. Hostile, Chun-young warns the new guest that he has not forgotten Ru-da's words (see chapter 59).
PREVIEW 106 May 12, 2021 Dan-i leaves the boys who are fighting over her. When she realizes that the courage test would have actual supernatural phenomenons, Dan-i goes to Ji-ho's house to catch his cold.
PREVIEW 107 May 19, 2021 Caught arguing with a woman outside of his home, Ji-ho explains that she is Wu-in's step-mother.
PREVIEW 108 May 26, 2021 On the day of the courage test, Dan-i goes with Yeo-ryeong, who notices a car stalking them.  Wu-in steps out of the car to clarifies the situation.
PREVIEW 109 June 2, 2021 The driver, who is Wu-in's cousin, asks Dan-i if she is Eun Mi, Eun-hyung's sister. At the abandoned school, Dan-i goes upstairs with Wu-in to prepare for the courage test when Wu-in suggests they try out the 13 steps of stairs legend.
PREVIEW 110 June 16, 2021 They thought they miscounts the number of steps when Wu-in sees a shadowy figure at the top of the stairway and runs off with Dan-i. When they returns to the room for the courage test, no one is there and the lights could be turn on. Wu-in theorizes that the area where the electricity didn’t run is the gap between the worlds.
PREVIEW 111 June 23, 2021 Wu-in suddenly leads Dan-i to a closet to hide from a faceless humanoid. When it leaves, Dan-i questions why Wu-in believes he is so misunderstood.
PREVIEW 112 June 30, 2021 Wu-in reveals it is because of his step-mother.  He disagreed with Dan-i that he is actually easy to understand, but Dan-i points out that Wu-in's "act" ensures the people around him won't get hurt.
PREVIEW 113 July 7, 2021 Dan-i is okay to be the only one remember her own existence, but Wu-in vows to not forget her.  They found the lights doesn't work in the bathrooms.
PREVIEW 114 July 14, 2021 Separated from Wu-in, Dan-i find herself in a middle school uniform and sees Chun-young who exclaims that he has forgotten her on a snowy day. Before Dan-i could responds, she suddenly appears in Class 1-1's courage test, scaring them.
PREVIEW 115 July 28, 2021 At home, Dan-i tells Chun-young of her dream then falls asleep to dreams about being punishes for coveting the female version of Ji-ho, who, in the real world, invites himself to Dan-i's house.
PREVIEW 116 August 3, 2021 Ji-ho demands why Dan-i called his name in her sleep, and she frankly tells him about her dream, leaving him in distress.
PREVIEW 117 August 10, 2021 Dan-i's friends come over to check on Dan-i, who declares she would study at the library during vacation, hoping to avoid the web novel's scenarios, which is dashed by her friends, except Yeo-ryeong, who has a part-time job during vacation, joining her.
PREVIEW 118 August 17, 2021 Wu-in worries of Chun-young and Ji-ho fighting over Dan-i one day, and Eun-hyung notes how Wu-in has become more honest lately. In the library, Ji-ho notes Dan-i looking away from Chun-young's glance.
PREVIEW 119 August 24, 2021 Dan-i excuses herself to go to the bathroom and is offered a drink by a stranger. Chun-young and Ji-ho intervenes.
PREVIEW 120 September 7, 2021 Ru-da has witnesses the ordeal and notes the drink is spiked. At the cafe, Ji-ho invites Dan-i as an escort to an upper-class party.
PREVIEW 121 September 14, 2021 Dan-i accepts.  While she makes plan with Ru-da, Ji-ho shows up in suits, making Dan-i panics.  Ji-ho clarifies he qould provide the outfits for her.
PREVIEW 122 September 21, 2021 Ji-ho asks Dan-i to treat today like it's his birthday, which she accepts, and promises her to treat it like it's her birthday, too.
PREVIEW 123 September 28, 2021 At the beauty shop, the Store Head Won Hyeyong teases Ji-ho for liking Dan-i, but Ji-ho believes today would be the last day he would be with Dan-i.
PREVIEW 124 October 5, 2021 Dan-i puts on a white dress, and after awkwardly flirting back with Ji-ho, runs off to do her hair. In a flashback, Ji-ho confronted Wu-in for calling Dan-i "mom" when she had abandoned Yeo-ryeong. Wu-in responded he can befriend the flawed, unlike Ji-ho.
PREVIEW 125 October 19, 2021 Ji-ho offered to open a can, but Dan-i thought he was stealing her drink. Later, when Dan-i was aloof to his coldness, Ji-ho decided to befriend someone flawed for the first time.
PREVIEW 126 October 26, 2021 Ji-ho interrogated Dan-i on why she didn't asked Yeo-ryeong for help. Wu-in called him out, leading to Ji-ho's apology to Dan-i.
PREVIEW 127 November 2, 2021 In the present time, at a cafe, Yeo-ryeong scolds Eun-hyung for thinking he's unimportant.  At the Hanul group's party, Dan-i struggles to stay awake during Ji-ho's dad's opening speech.
PREVIEW 128 November 9, 2021 Ji-ho's dad preaches to live in the moment, in contrast to what he had taught Ji-ho--never ruin the big picture with a momentary desire. During a meet-and-greet, Choi Yuri shows up and Ji-ho directs Dan-i to the food stall so they can talk.
PREVIEW 129 November 16, 2021 Yoon Jung-in greets Dan-i and later teases Ji-ho for saying only he can say Dan-i is ugly.  Meanwhile, the twins greet Dan-i.
Season 4
Chapter Release Date
PREVIEW 130 January 25, 2022 Crossdressed Ru-da goes into the lounge. As the law of the web novels dictates, fights broke out, including Lee Nara and Woo Rihon fighting over Wu-in.  Dan-i opts for some fresh air and gets cornered by Ji-ho's admirers, whom she is prepared for, and some boys, whom she isn't.
PREVIEW 131 January 25, 2022 Chun-young intervenes.  In the distance, Chun-young's eldest brother is observing them.
PREVIEW 132 February 1, 2022 Chun-young and Ji-ho fights over Dan-i but Yeo-ryeong is the one who dances with Dan-i. After a few dances, Dan-i texts Ru-da.
PREVIEW 133 February 8, 2022 Dan-i overhears Yoo Geon warning crossdressed Ru-da to stay away from her.  When she revealed her presence, Yoo Geon asks if she can continue to be friends with Ru-da.
PREVIEW 134 February 15, 2022 Ru-da reveals his feminine appearance is thanks to his mom, and asks why Dan-i says she would be friends with him. Dan-i replies that it was important she says that in the moment.
PREVIEW 135 February 22, 2022 Ru-da reveals he came for Dan-i after the library incident. They overhears Yoo Geon scolding Ji-ho to live the life his dad makes for him instead of following his desires.  Both Ru-da and Dan-i excuses themselves from the situation.
PREVIEW 136 March 8, 2022 Chun-young escorts Dan-i and Yeo-ryeong to a cab that could take them home. When Dan-i reveals she is afraid of wasting their time, Chun-young replies that the disappearance of their time together doesn't lessen them.
PREVIEW 137 March 15, 2022 During his talk with Eun-hyung, Yoo Geon regrets what he has said to Ji-ho.  Meanwhile, Chun-young kisses Dan-i on the cheek before sending her and Yeo-ryeong off.
PREVIEW 138 March 22, 2022 Eun-hyung gets a call from Ji-ho, who says the car Dan-i and Yeo-ryeong got into was unregistered.  Ru-da gets the same call and calls his mom for help.
PREVIEW 139 March 29, 2022 Ru-da offers up himself after running away from home for two years.  Dan-i finds herself tied up and wakes up Yeo-ryeong.
PREVIEW 140 April 5, 2022 At the Juno Hotel, Ji-ho's dad’s security team searches for the missing people. Ji-ho feels responsible since he did what he wanted to do for one day and was careless about it.
PREVIEW 141 April 19, 2022 Choi Yuri calls and demands Ji-ho's presence. Her bodyguard, Kang Mino, is told by his boss, Lee Jenny, to leave the scene before the police arrives. Yeo-ryeong uses the bathroom.
PREVIEW 142 April 26, 2022 Yuri hopes Dan-i to experience her heartbreak one day.  Yeo-ryeong attempts to save Dan-i when Ru-da comes to the scene with his helicopter and saves them both.
PREVIEW 143 May 3, 2022 Dan-i thinks about Yuri's words and vows to never hurt others in the pursuit of the future she desires.  Before his mom escorts him away, Ru-da gives his phone to Dan-i, saying she can return it at school.
PREVIEW 144 May 10, 2022 In front of the Reed Building, Dan-i uses Ru-da's phone to call her friends.  Remembering Yuri's words, Dan-i calls out Ji-ho's coldness to her, Ji-ho bursts into tears as he doubts whether he's a good friend or not.
PREVIEW 145 May 17, 2022 The kidnapping case wraps up well.  At home, Dan-i's mom notes Dan-i talks to Ji-ho, not Chun-young.  In a flashback, in a psychiatric clinic hallway, Chun-young scolds Dan-i for being nonchalant about the kidnapping.
PREVIEW 146 May 31, 2022 In the present, Chun-young calls Dan-i to say they can talk like nothing has happens.  The day before school starts, Dan-i notes how everyone has changed, confesses she'll move on in life by recording her life, and tells Ji-ho she wants to stay by his side in the presence.
PREVIEW 147 June 7, 2022 At school, a blue-haired foreigner appears to find his ice princess. Not wanting to be involved, HD ushers her Class 1-8 friends to class. Ru-da is noted to be missing at school.
PREVIEW 148 June 14, 2022 The blue-haired foreigner is gone.  Wu-in notes Ru-da's absence and tells Dan-i not to expects Ru-da to text her back.
PREVIEW 149 June 21, 2022 Class 1-8 is upset over Ru-da's absence.  After class, Dan-i contacts Wu-in and Yeo-ryeong to help her save Ru-da from his mom. Wu-in objects to Dan-i's plan to rescue Ru-da from his mom. The blue-haired foreigner interrupts the conversation.
PREVIEW 150 June 28, 2022 Wu-in finally agrees to the rescue mission.  The blue-haired male introduces himself as Lucas.
PREVIEW 151 July 12, 2022 In front of the Reed Building, Wu-in asks how Lucas, a high schooler, is so prepared. Lucas explains his love for Ru-da.
PREVIEW 152 July 19, 2022 The group splits up: one for the roof, another the basement.  As they go down, Lucas tells Dan-i of how Ru-da becomes the sole heir of all the candidates. Yeo-ryeong remembers Ru-da can drive a helicopter and rushes toward the basement.
PREVIEW 153 July 26, 2022 Ru-da shouts that Lucas isn't a good person.  Lucas claims Ru-da is a bad heir when Lee Jenny and her bodyguards arrive.
PREVIEW 154 August 2, 2022 In response to Dan-i's belief that Ru-da is a kind person who does not want to become heir, Lee Jenny reveals Ru-da had attacked Lucas during a tournament to win the title of heir.
PREVIEW 155 August 9, 2022 After getting Lee Jenny’s permission, with Lucas as an escort and monitor, Dan-i tells Ru-da what happened and asks him to come back, to which Ru-da expressed his doubts.
PREVIEW 156 August 23, 2022 Ru-da is skeptical that Lucas is here to pick him up because of the false accusation. Lucas clarifies he was the one who made the accusation to disqualify Ru-da for cheating, and they make-up with each other.
PREVIEW 157 August 30, 2022 While the trio changed into the clothes Lucas provided for them, Dan-i remembers Ru-da is changing with Lucas and barges in to protect Ru-da’s innocence, only to learn Ru-da is a guy and not a girl. When they reach the roof, they’re met with Lee Jenny, and her crew, with Wu-in and Yeo-ryeong in the middle of Lee Jenny’s crew.
PREVIEW 158 September 06, 2022 Dan-i tells Jenny that Ru-da isn't the ruthless heir she would want.  Unexpectedly, Jenny accepts Lucas as the new heir and her now-adopted son since she claims to have been deceived by Lucas's lie. Ru-da tells his mother that  his friends at school needs him.